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  • Essential Oils For Allergies

    If you suffer from allergies, you might be looking for a natural remedy. Essential oils are actually an exceptional way to help get rid of your allergy symptoms and start to experience relief. Here are some things to know about using essential oils for your allergies. How Essential Oils Can Help Before you learn about […]

  • How to do Dry Skin Brushing

    How to do Dry Skin Brushing So, you bought your dry skin brush and you have read all the tips and tricks about the technique. You know what the benefits are and how to make them work for you. The trick now is that you need to get started and you have no idea how […]

  • Benefits of Dry Brushing

    Benefits of Dry Brushing You may have heard of dry brushing, and you may know you want to do it as part of your skin care routine. What you may not know is what the overall benefits are of this technique. You may know that it removes dry skin, but you may not know what […]

  • Important Skin Brushing Tips

    Important Skin Brushing Tips If you are new to dry skin brushing, you may not be sure what to do to make it work for your skin or in your routine. In fact, you may become discouraged if you aren’t sure what types of brushes to use or how to use them properly. Before you […]

  • When You Should Do Skin Brushing

    When You Should Do Skin Brushing Dry skin brushing may seem like something that would work for you in your daily skincare routine. The problem is you may not know when you should do skin brushing or when you should increase your skin brushing routine. You may know how to do skin brushing and what […]

  • What is Dry Skin Brushing?

    What is Dry Skin Brushing? If you are having issues with dry skin, flaking, painful skin from dryness, or rough areas then dry skin brushing may actually be for you. You may have heard of this technique, or seen the brushes for sale in health food stores, but not have realized that it was something […]

  • Emotional Issues

    As a Homeopath, emotional issues are a significant portion of the work I do. When a person comes to me with a serious health issue, I always ask, “When this started, what else was going on in your life?” And there’s a death, or a big conflict, or a difficult situation. We all believe that […]

  • Sugar is the GREATEST threat to your health.

    This is from the New York Times: \ The Opinion Pages | OP-ED COLUMNIST A Month Without Sugar David Leonhardt David Leonhardt DEC. 30, 2016 It is in chicken stock, sliced cheese, bacon and smoked salmon, in mustard and salad dressing, in crackers and nearly every single brand of sandwich bread. It is all around […]

  • Anabolic Steroids Help Triggering Growth

    Anabolic steroids are defined as a group of synthetic derivatives of testosterone that promote muscle and bone growth. Anabolic steroids are androgenic steroids. These are the group of natural and synthetic steroid hormones that helps to promote cell growth and division, resulting in growth of several types of tissues, especially muscle and bone. Anabolic refers […]

  • Anabolic Steroids Help The People Suffering From HIV/AIDS

    You are well aware of the specter of HIV/AIDS hovering all over the world. The Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) and the World Health Organization (WHO) reports on HIV/AIDS, disclosed in January 2006, have articulated that AIDS has estimated killed more than 25 million people since it was first recognized on June 5, […]