You’ve probably seen all these programs, all promising to help you to lose weight.
And many of you have probably tried these and got nowhere.

Weight loss program:


Cheat notes:


Take the drops:   5-10 drops in a bottle water (1 litre)  3 times per day, sip at the water all day.

Step1:   3 weeks ULTRA low calorie  500 per day.

Step 2:  Gradually increase protein, and fat.  No carbs, no sugar for 30 days after diet to LOCK in the new weight.

Step 3:  return to eating normally, you can do another cycle after 2 months if needed.


Diet:  Lean meat, and veggies ONLY>   NO bread, no chemicals, no fast food, no fat, no sugar.  Grilled or broiled.  NO OIL>


Use the guide to add up the calories.  NO more than 500 per day.

IF you’re starving, eat cucumbers and green peppers.

If you feel faint, have an extra 100 calories of Protein.


Keep a journal.  Weight yourself every day.  And track your progress.  Usually there is a big drop right away.  Then it plateaus a few times. Don’t get discouraged.  Expect to lose at least 20lbs.